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With the holidays upon us, and despite your best intentions, it can be a challenging time to stay positive.

5 simple, yet life-changing habits in just 5 days!

You will not only change yourself for good, but you’ll be influencing those around you for good!

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  • A positivity habit you will develop and strengthen
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    What you practice to make it work

You might be experiencing time pressures; relationship challenges; clashing priorities; tantrums and tempers; exhaustion; poor health; unfortunate personal circumstances that you have no control over; just plain feeling down.


how you think, 

how you feel, and 

what you do!

But if you take our 5 day boost, you’ll be delighted at how different you’ll feel with 5 simple, yet life-changing habits in just 5 days!

What people love about boosting positivity:

Meet Your

Known as the Positivity Strategist, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel is author of the 4th most acclaimed business book on positive change,  a TEDx speaker, an established podcast host, a designer and facilitator, and coach. Her passion is giving voice to all to help co-create a world we know intuitively is possible - a world where we all flourish. 

Robyn  works with big companies (Google, BAE Systems, ANZ Banking, Telstra), government agencies, and small non-profits. 

Robyn is also adjunct professor with the David L. Cooperrider Center of Appreciative Inquiry, at Champlain College VT teaching in the Graduate Certificate Program, Positive Organizational Development.

A native of Australia, she lives with her loving husband and adorable cat in Bradenton, Florida. 

A massive reboot - Loved the recharge

I start my day with positivity. With that, I'm actively looking for material that can teach me something, set a frame or reframe my day, add to my toolkit, reinforce something I believe, value, or know, etc. … …I have set aside time in my morning and … take something from what I read and apply to something in my day. Just touching base again with the principles was a massive reboot! Loved the recharge!

Nicole Bossard Pd.D.
President & Senior Consultant, TGC Consulting, Inc.

She cares about what she does

Robyn is one of those rare people you come across from time to time, who is deeply connected to the human condition and how best to create the conditions necessary for effective change in people. She cares about what she does, it shows and it works.

Mark Robilliard
Co-founder and CEO Americas, Color Accounting International

Perfect mix of research, common-sense wisdom

I loved this course! It had the perfect mix of research, common-sense wisdom, and real-life examples to keep me engaged. Robyn perfectly embodies positivity in her delivery style. I thought I knew a thing or two about positivity - but this course gave me so much more to think about AND immediately apply!

Achim Nowak
Author/Speaker/C-Suite Coach, Influens LLC

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