Appreciative Collaborations: Collaborative Inquiry

Buyers of my book, Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions have been emailing me with the most heartfelt comments. They are saying how they are inspired by its content.

I am equally inspired by their responses, so I've created a comment area on my blog for us to continue sharing ideas, stories, experiences, insights and aspirations.

Below are some examples of their emails:

“I read the activity about Business as a change agent in the world … I love the legacy aspect. So this gave me an idea for my storytelling….You inspired me at lunch, and also in the subway! This book arrives at the perfect time for me it seems!”

“Now that I’ve had a little time to actually read the book (the first few sections), I love it more. It’s got clear insights and your tapestry of weaving together the several strands that influence your thinking/this book is one of golden and silver threads. Just stunning synthesis and vision. This book is simply wonderful.  Much success!”

“I'm back in Germany now after a very exciting two weeks in New York City. Your workshop at Marymount was one of the highlights of the workshop circuit. I am planning on using appreciative inquiry in BPW and present it, as you did, as a useful trainer tool and at the same time to find out what members and prospective members want and need from BPW.  Perhaps I can also use the method in a team building workshop.”

“I've had a quick browse – what a wonderful resource it will be for the AI community :)”

“I love your book! It's a perfect tool for incorporating Appreciative Inquiry in group coaching/training, so I can't wait to put it into action. Thanks for this beautiful work, it's really going to change things :)”

“Looking forward to working with your book – maybe already next week in an interview with a friend to capture her Art of Hosting training experience in Sweden last month. Will let you know –   Here is my little report from Friday's event on Pioneers of Change.”

“Robyn Stratton-Berkessel led us through an Appreciative Inquiry exercise that showed us the power of hearing other people telling our own leadership story.”

“Can your workplace benefit from better collaboration + appreciation of each others work? Try @robbiecat‘ s workbook.”

Please also read my interview on Axiom News,  whose mission is “To be the news agency of the world's most socially generative organizations'.

I am very grateful to you all!

And let's keep sharing and here's the comment area to share ideas and practices on appreciative, collaborative inquiry.