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America’s Positive Core

I am a ‘resident alien' of the US after marrying my German-born, American husband. My Australian cultural imprint is strongly inclined to fight for the underdog. We have tendency to “knock down tall poppies”, to be irreverent and anti-authoritarian. I have been willing regime change for just about the whole 9 years I've lived here, […]

Pathways to Strength-Based Systems

Back from facilitating the workshop in Sydney! What inspiring and diverse participants – eight in total: director of education in a tertiary institution; two innovation specialists, three senior strategists, two of whom are also executive coaches; a researcher and writer and a logistics expert. Five of the eight had made career changes: a former airforce […]

Your Child’s Strengths for A New Earth

We live and work in an extremely fast-paced, increasingly complex and interdependent global economy, where the old forms and traditions are no longer serving. How much more crucial is it, then, to enable children to find their strengths and open them up to the fabulous possibilities such awareness brings, before institutionalized, emotional, physical and psychic constructs find them and shape
them in ways that do them harm, and, as a result, harm our world.

Sharing Stuff

Just keeping in touch and trust all is going well for you. Here are some further resources that will add value to your work as you continue to be the very best you can be and do the very best work you can do. From , something from the field of Organisational Scholarship:


Appreciative Inquiry – An Introduction Appreciative Inquiry – AI –  is a perspective on the world that invites us to see ourselves and the world through an appreciative or valuing eye.  We are made aware that language, questions, and stories shape our destinies. The newsreader provides introductory tips about the principles and practice of Appreciative Inquiry […]