Entries by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Positive Questions will Grow Positivity in your Life – PS 75

Our questions determine the results we get. If we ask a “blah’ question, you are likely to get a “blah” response – for example, “What’s up?” will generate most likely “Not much!” “Nothing.” “What’s been the best part of your day so far?” is likely to have the respondent unscramble their brain to provide an answer to tell you about the best part of their day. Positive questions are more likely to grow positivity in your life.

What Hurricane Irma Did for Me – PS74

From the moment we lined up to register at the local high school shelter, there was a visual smorgasbord of diversity. Young and old, black, white and in-between, two legs, one leg, and four legs – dogs, cats, chickens, parrots, hamsters. Once you registered, you were required to stay the duration – there was no reserving a place just in case. Lights were out at 10 and when lockdown happened there was no leaving the block you lived in.

What is an Appreciative Voice in Your World?

An appreciative voice provides safety for others to speak their truths. It is invitational and watchful. An appreciative voice is unhurried and patient. It can reframe situations to be helpful and resourceful. It is flexible. The appreciative voice is inclusive. It acknowledges diversity and identifies opportunities to offer possibilities to hold the space for transformational shifts to emerge.

Business leaders, Professors and Students Expose Flourishing Enterprises

Picture this: 300 highly conscious people in the room – many reconnecting – so lots of hugging and laughter – and many making connections for the first time with people they knew only by reputation or virtually. It was joyful. We were excited to come together to inquire into the topic of “Discovering Flourishing Enterprise: the Key to Great Performance.”