Entries by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Innovative Ways that Inspire Human Flourishing for All

When did you last come away from an experience that had such an impact on you that you were filled with a joy and a hope that transformed you? You witnessed human flourishing and unity with others. You felt inspired by the conversations and connections. You felt alive, energized and a sense of wholeness, oneness and community that sent peace and infinite hope for what else is possible cursing through your body.

Being an Optimist is a Practical Pursuit – PS66

My guest is David the Optimist, David Mitran, from Craiova in Romania. We talk about David’s goal of writing a book which will be a practical guide to optimism and how he plans to do the research, fund it and release to the world. How David became a guest on my show is a fun story and we take it from there. What resonated for me was connection to others, open questions and story-telling!

The New Human and the New World – What does that Mean to You? – PS 64

We are on the cusp of personal and collective evolution. The new brain, the neocortex enables us to evolve from our old modus operandi as mere survivors to learn ourselves into new patterns of kind-heartedness and compassion. When we can flourish together, living from our wholeness, we become the new human, and with greater conscious intentionality we collectively co-create the new world.

How to Whip up Wellbeing with Five Brain-based Strategies – PS 063

Dr Judy Krings talks to us about coaching through the lens of neuroscience and how to make it easy. Her focus is on practical doable actions that are grounded in neuroscience. Knowing how our brains process data coming in and data existing already in our minds, hearts and bodies can really help coaches and their clients, and not only coaches, but all of us. Knowledge is power, as they say. And having some knowledge about how our brain works, can only help us be more powerful!

Communication Skills Training for High Performance

In a nutshell, this collaborative way of training enables employees to find resources within themselves to bring to the situation. Furthermore, when they feel supported by others, including coworkers and bosses, it leads to creating a nurturing and inviting environment where they feel safe at work resulting in greater quantity and quality of service. Teamwork is enhanced, communication is improved, as people truly listen to one another and respect each other. They experience moments of care from others.