Entries by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Ability to Dream Influences your Destiny

When it comes to bringing positive change into your life, it might start as a wish, or an aspiration, or a dream. We know from history, some of the biggest dreamers have created the most lasting positive social changes. The ability to dream allows for anything to be possible. Imagining a desirable future is what keeps us going,

Meaningful Conversations can Transform You and Your World

At this time when we are experiencing enormous cultural and technological changes, we possesses tremendous potential to enhance our collective social well-being. Through carefully designed experiences, WiseTribe connects people of diverse ages, ethnicities, and professions to share strengths, dreams, possibilities and convert them into action-based learning projects. Appreciative Inquiry has been the framework to start such meaningful conversations.

Synchronicity: An Exciting Emergent Principle in Appreciative Inquiry

What started out as research into positive employee engagement led Professor Tom Myers of Robert E. Stiller School of Business at Champlain College in Burlington VT to look no further than his own ancestors who had created a hugely successful, trailblazing business in the 1800 and early 1900s. They offered employees benefits that would rival most companies today. What abounded for Tom was the myriad of synchronicities and opened him to “seeing the connections.” His research leads him to the question: Could Synchronicity be an emergent principle in the field of Appreciative Inquiry?

Shifting Power – Exciting Possibilities through Appreciative Inquiry With Tim Slack – PS55

In this conversation, we offer that Appreciative Inquiry is undergoing a sea change – a transformation – of its own. Appreciative Inquiry practitioners across the world continue to contribute to the growing number of practical and life-changing resources, expanding upon the traditional body of work that is Appreciative Inquiry and taking it to new contexts across the globe. We share stories and experiences that range from kids in schools, residents in hostels, surgeons and nurses in hospitals, curators in museums, students in universities, LGTBQ communities, clergy and members of churches and, potentially, women returning from combat.

Why Your Workplace Culture Needs Play

In workplaces, we could say free play is where we’re given free rein to use our imaginations, our inventiveness, our resourcefulness, and find our innate leadership, and followership. We have opportunity to experiment and try, try again. Determination, tenacity and courage are developed. With free play, creativity rises to the top and failure is a non-issue.