Powerful, positive question

The Power of Positive Questions

The power of positive questions was the topic of my interview…

What You Study Grows - Appreciative Inquiry Principle

What you study grows A key Appreciative Inquiry Principle…
playful inquiry - a talk by Robyn Stratton-Berkessel

Playful Inquiry - TEDxNavesink Talk and Video

"What is the best thing that happened to you today?" opened up…

3 Appreciative Inquiry Hints

Appreciative Inquiry is a strength-based approach to change for…

TEDx Talk on Playful Inquiry - Releasing Oxytocin

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Shannon Winning @winningmedianj…
Sharing stories at an Appreciative Inquiry Summit

Highlights from an Appreciative Inquiry Summit

The summit exceeded expectations. The design and planning teams, and the participants all shared a sense that we had done the best we could do and it felt amazing. This feedback sums it up: “We’ve hit the reset button and it’s hard to go back.”

Appreciating the Past - Gratitude

"For what has been, thanks;  for what will be, yes."A…

What are Appreciative Inquiry Principles?

Our world is calling for conversations that focus on what lifts us up and what we value about each other.