Do Good , Feel Good

When You Do Good, You Feel Good

The CEO of a multimillion dollar company was in the office building elevator one day going down to lunch from his executive suite on level 77. Several floors down three employees stepped into the same elevator all very engaged in a conversation. They paid no attention to him – the CEO – standing in the elevator.
Change your Words speech bubbles

Change your Words: Create your Best Year Yet

Think about all the words that are synonyms for change. You’ll find words that work for you and those that don’t. Some you might see as positive and some as negative, and some are neutral, and some may have no real meaning for you at all. All are legitimate and relevant. Sometimes, it might be useful to change your words.
Courageous Actions - Enactment

Baby steps, Courageous Actions - The Principle of Enactment

The Principle of Enactment implies it’s fine to start change with baby steps; to try on new behaviors and test them out to see what works and what doesn’t. It means bringing new ideas and behaviors into your way of being and doing.
Pavlova - Positive Choices

Five Practices to Help You Make Positive Choices

The old stories are just old stories, stop re-running those old, out-dated movies in your head, AND equally importantly, whose stories are they? Avoid getting caught in someone else’s story.
positive change

Finding Energy for Positive Change will Boost your Productivity

First discover and focus on what works and existing assets. When weaknesses and faults enter the conversation; they get addressed - from a different place.
What is Appreciative Inquiry?
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Appreciative Inquiry - Overview of Method, Principles and Applications

Appreciative Inquiry is a perspective on the world that invites us to see ourselves and the world through an appreciative or valuing eye. We are made aware that how we use language, how we ask questions, and what stories we tell shape our own and collective destinies.

Shifting from linear to holistic design

Organizational cultures vary, just as human personalities vary. Many are embracing methods and tools that bring all voices to the table. Participatory, inclusive decision-making practices and use of collaborative tools and technologies, along with social media platforms to level the playing field are becoming more common, facilitating our capacity to be more experimental, productive, playful, and engaged.