Self-awareness on Hume Highway NSW

Increase Your Self-Awareness with Four Easy Practices

What are you noticing about your use of words and how you describe things? It's a good idea to begin to become aware and notice the words you use and the metaphors you use to describe people, places and institutions.
Improve your life - man and woman talking

How Positive Language will Improve Your Life

Words do hurt us and shape us and inform our self-image and shape our beliefs. It's not until we're pretty grown up that we can begin to develop our perceptual repertoire. Listening to the negative talk from others is not likely to improve our life.

Search 2014 for the Best in Humanity

 The video below affirms my choice to be a positivity…
Appreciative Inquiry Discovery Interview on Intergenerational Dialogue

Appreciating All Generations - Intergenerational Dialog

What are the stereotypes we attach to the different generations?…