Strength matters

Why Strength Matters and How to Grow It

When you come from strength, you can learn far more quickly; you perform more easily; you gain greater satisfaction from your efforts; and you experience a desire or a yearning to perform the activity more frequently, as you feel you just have to do it

Invest in Developing Strengths - Why Bother?

When people are performing in roles in which they play to their strengths, studies show that performance and satisfaction increase, productivity improves, and they have greater chance at achieving their full potential.
Strength-based approach to change

20 Positive Outcomes from a Strength-based Approach to Change

Every system - human or otherwise - has strengths - things that work already providing the opportunity to address change from a strength-based approach.

Appreciative Inquiry - Overview of Method, Principles and Applications

Appreciative Inquiry is a perspective on the world that invites us to see ourselves and the world through an appreciative or valuing eye. We are made aware that how we use language, how we ask questions, and what stories we tell shape our own and collective destinies.