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Being Courageous to Listen to Your Inner Truth – PS 69

Episode Introduction

In this episode, we explore the topic of “authenticity.”  My guest, Laura Coe, is a podcaster, author and coach.  Her area of greatest passion is authenticity.  Her worldview is steeped in ancient wisdom traditions and classic philosophers while being totally 21st century practical.  Through her own quest to identify what being authentic meant for her, all her readings and applications of learnings, authenticity came down to being aligned with your own deepest inner truth.

Episode Background

inner truth - Laura CoeLaura talks about our culture focusing on all the external trappings of success.  She says: “Many people find success, but few find meaning. This leaves them unfulfilled, but unsure what to do about it. If they can remove all the issues that get in the way of their authentic voice, their truth, they can return to building a life they love.”

Finding Your Deep Inner Truth

It takes work to cut through the noise of all the information, know-how, expectations,  judgements, pressures and stresses that accumulate from a very young age through well-intentioned guidance of parents, educators, bosses and ourselves.  

The metaphor Laura uses throughout the show, and is also referenced in her book, Emotional Obesity, is that we end up carrying around emotional weight that eventually becomes too heavy to bear.  Laura encourages us to lighten our lives by connecting to our deep inner truth. 

Practices for Building Your Authenticity Muscle

Find the practices that help you reconnect to yourself where you listen to your inner truth about what you love to do – things that  you may have sidelined while you were so hell-bent on creating the successful life!

A key practice is to create space to quieten the mind for deeper inner truth to come through.   Ways to create this space included being in silence, journaling, walking and meditation.  Laura recommends starting slowly, day-by-day, checking in with what comes up for you, what emerges as your truth, and notice it.  In contrast to all noise you have habituated yourself to, it's subtle.

Other Reminders to Pay Attention to:

  • As adults we’ve become analysers and our joyous sense of living with curiosity diminishes over time.
  • Those loud voices in our head get in the way of connecting to our inner truth.
  • We need to pay attention to the micro changes we experience daily as we begin to connect to our inner truth, and pay attention to what they feel like in our bodies. If we feel disconnected, then it’s not our inner truth.

Other Takeaways

  • Making a distinction between being one’s best self and one’s authentic self.
  • Whether taking time out to find one’s inner truth and authenticity is a purview of the privileged – those with the means to self-actualize, provoked by some of the stories shared.
  • Finding meaning in life vs happiness vs joy.
  • For listeners who are familiar with Appreciative Inquiry, you'll enjoy the overlap with a number of the Appreciative Inquiry Principles.

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