Creativity, Positivity and Collaboration

ishot-15This great story attracted my attention.  This is the business model of the future.  It speaks to our “positive core” – a collective force of the best of who we are, what we do and have, not only valuing our collective strengths and aspirations, but acting on them.  In our interconnected, socially networked world, when we apply our tools and technologies wisely, and we mix in our creativity, innovation and human spirit, positivity and collaboration abound., the new website of the non-profit organisation, Bindarri, showcases the work of artists and designers who are focussed on creating positive social and environmental change and working for positive change in Australia.

Creativity Online

The Bindarri website includes the largest online directory of Australian designers, as well as essential resources to assist others seeking to create positive outcomes.  It allows anyone the opportunity to add their own news and websites on the site to build online support for a creative community.

ishot-16“We have an open interpretation on the meaning of design and are open to all submissions from creatives working towards positive change in Australia”, explained site founder, Glenn Todd. This positive change Bindarri is seeking to promote includes both social and environmental, and may range from people working and encouraging personal and local community projects to global politics.

All work produced for the Bindarri website is licensed under creative commons, allowing anyone to download images and templates and use them on their own projects.

By making the resources freely available, Bindarri is promoting sharing and collaboration within the creative industries, a concept they believe will accelerate the development of creative solutions to the worlds’ issues, including climate change and wealth inequity.

Please take a look.