Embracing Change: The App

This is a first.  A personal development app that applies Appreciative Inquiry to guide you to embrace change confidently, whenever you are called to do so.

The outcome will be to tap into your strengths, discover your personal power and energize you in ways that are fully aligned with your own authenticity and integrity.

Up until now, Appreciative Inquiry has been available only in face-2-face interview situations, and in small or large groups, and organizations all over the world. In your own privacy, and in a reflective, self-directed way,  you also can experience this empowering, strength-based approach to change.

Embracing Change

The Approach

You will be coached through 4 steps to:

  • Discover your existing strengths and talents
  • Dream what more is possible in your life
  • Design the pathway to realize your deepest desires
  • Sustain the energy and momentum to live the destiny of your choosing

As you read and participate in the content of Embracing Change, I will be your coach. As a professional Appreciative Inquiry practitioner, I will guide you through the question sets to develop in the ways you truly desire. You will discover you own strengths and best qualities. You will tap into your “positive core” to unleashed your fullest potential. You will be guided to tell your own story in the most life-affirming way. From the seeds of your own grounded reality, you will create and design new possibilities.

What helps you to make real commitment to yourself is the ability to write your story, dreams, insights and learnings right inside the app in the specially integrated text editing tools. In addition, you can email your notes to yourself for reference. You’re able to revisit and change your notes on demand. And, when faced with a new change, you can tap the reset button and be coached anew. You could also take on the role of coach, or facilitator, or interviewer to use the 4 steps to help others make changes they want.

A great value of this app is to be able to use it again and again to help you reconnect with your own power whenever you need to be reminded. What is extra valuable is that you could also guide a friend or colleague through this appreciative inquiry when they might need a strength-based, developmental conversation to overcome a challenging situation.

The richness of the compelling content is augmented on the tablet device.

  • You will be amazed how much more personalized and engaging the experience is when content comes alive in this format compared to reading static content or a pdf file.
  • You will experience all the multi-touch abilities such as tapping, swiping, expanding, rotating, and your senses will be activated further with attractive imagery, videos, slides shows and audio files.
  • In addition, Embracing Change gives you the functionality to write your own notes and email them right from within the app.


What is Embracing Change and how does it work?

Embracing Change is a self-development app following the framework of a highly successful and world-acclaimed positive change methodology called Appreciative Inquiry. Up to now, what this app delivers has been available only in the context of organizations where consultants or practitioners design workshops and conferences to help their clients in facilitating change. Coaches also use the methodology to help their clients move forward.  This app takes the methodology, Appreciative Inquiry (see below) and has designed the experience in a way that individuals can now participate in this most valuable inquiry for themselves.

What is Appreciative Inquiry (AI)

Appreciative Inquiry is a change methodology and, as a change methodology, it is first and foremost an inquiry into discovering what already works well before any change is introduced.  We are educated at home and at school and in our workplaces to ask “what’s wrong” with a situation.  That sets us off in a certain direction – usually, looking for things that don’t work, or block us from achieving that which we want.

Within the framework of Appreciative Inquiry, we start with the premise that in every human being and organization, something already works well.  So we ask, “What’s already working here?” Or, “What’s a high point for you?” With the Appreciative Inquiry lens, we seek to discover “what gives life to a living system when it is most effective, alive and constructively capable in economic, ecological, and human terms” (Cooperrider, Whitney, & Stavros, “ In the Appreciative Inquiry Handbook, 2008, p. 3)

Why did you create Embracing Change: the app?

All of us live and work with change every day, so it’s a really important topic; and it isn’t going away!  Not all of us are in situations where we can attend workshops and trainings to learn the latest thinking and methods to help us grow and develop greater capacities to live to our fullest potential. People are living busy lives. I wanted to bring to individuals resources they may not be aware of, and they can have access to when it suits them and they can fit into their own busy lives.

In designing this app, readers have access to an empowering worldview that potentially can put them in the driver’s seat of their life, not the passenger’s. To be at cause rather than at effect in life is liberating. Moreover, the technology is so cool.  Learning and interacting with great content in this way is highly enjoyable and totally immersive.   I am convinced that just as personal development books are a huge market in print, they will also become a huge market in apps.  I am so excited with this shift in engaging with knowledge and content that I have other apps in the pipeline that focus on developing us all to be the best we can.

What’s the value of the text-edit tool?

You are working through a learning and development process. As you read through the 4 steps and respond to the reflective questions, you will get in touch with some really rich and valuable content of your own. You don’t want to gloss over it or lose it. If you write down your own high point stories, what you value about yourself, others and the situation, the very act of writing it down, will be a far more meaningful and lasting experience. You learn to value yourself more and savor the best of yourself. So being able to record your thoughts right here in the app, and reflect on your insights, and then go back and refine your own content as you choose, is really helping you get greater clarity about what really matters to you.

  • The system saves your note-taking automatically. You can edit your notes right there on the page where the original sticky notes are, or you can edit your notes on the summary-sticky-note page, which is the page immediately after Step 4.
  • You can tap the email icon on the summary-sticky-notes page to activate your email program so you can email your thoughts to whomever you wish to share them.
  • The only way you can lose your comments is to tap the reset button.

How do I engage with the community of users?

Embracing Change will have a Facebook Page once the app is available, where you can read updates and meet others who are embracing change. Please befriend us there, stay up to date and show that you like us!

How can I learn more?

A starting point will be to visit our blog, www.positivematrix.com to read stories of Appreciative Inquiry in action.  My book, Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions is also available from my website.
You can fill in the contact us forms to learn more about our seminars and trainings and sign up for our webinar series of how you can use Appreciative Inquiry in many, many contexts for many, many outcomes.  Examples include:  The Power of Women’s Leadership, The Gift of Relationships, The Joy of Intergenerational Dialogue, Caring for our Environment, Performing at Peak, Working with Integrity, Making Strengths Productive,  The Language of Power and others.