Embracing Change: The App – Video

iPadThanks to all for your interest in the shift I am making in creating content for tablet devices, starting with the iPad and also ready for the Samsung Galaxy Tab. (Preview video below.)

It's exciting that we authors and content creators now have even more opportunities to transform our knowledge and information into this appealing, interactive, engaging way for our customers and clients. Subject matter comes alive when we physically engage with the touch screen to explore information in ways that are dynamic and non-linear. Readers and learners can now interact with content and make sense in ways that come from curiosity, play and leaps of intuition.

There's so much more to say about this new form of participating in learning and development and I am abundantly clear the opportunities and possibilities abound for content owners to re-purpose existing materials and reach new untapped audiences.

Below is a preview video of the app, called Embracing Change, which guides readers through the Appreciative Inquiry lens to tell their own best stories of change and find their strengths associated with change. It will be available in the iTunes store within a week or two. If you'd like to know more, post a comment below and I'll share what I am learning.

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  • robynsb

    Hey, Kristin, love your excitement! I know you'll have an iPad soon! It's a joy to work with and play with! When you can link the two, (as we do), it's the best! (Christmas is coming!!)

  • Judy

    Hi Robyn, very excitng with the application. Judy