Fun Creations

How cool!  How delightful! How simple!

How important?

“It's one thing I'm really good at.”

Fun creations. To be doing something you are good at and having fun and involving others in co-creating fun. That's participation, collaboration and engagement and playing to one's strengths!   The New York Times is talking about Matt Harding who seems to have fun doing what he's really good at.  The article brings attention to a number of the positive attributes that living in 2010 is all about: having the internet to share one's own creativity; involving our global village life-centric ways that unite us through music, laughter, activity, play.

“However you interpret it, you can’t watch “Dancing” for very long without feeling a little happier. The music (by Gary Schyman, a friend of Mr. Harding’s, and set to a poem by Rabindranath Tagore, sung in Bengali by Palbasha Siddique, a 17-year-old native of Bangladesh now living in Minneapolis) is both catchy and haunting. The backgrounds are often quite beautiful. And there is something sweetly touching and uplifting about the spectacle of all these different nationalities, people of almost every age and color, dancing along with an uninhibited doofus.

Children, not surprisingly, turn out to be the best at picking up on Mr. Harding’s infectious vibe. There’s frequently a grown-up, on the other hand — especially one in the front row of a crowd — who tends to ham it up and make a fool of himself.

The other remarkable thing about the “Dancing” phenomenon is that it is, to a very considerable extent, a creation of the Internet. It doesn’t just live, so to speak, on the Web; it was the Web that, more or less accidentally, brought it into being.”