My new book is published!

Front-of-book-sml-231x300To my delight and surprise, I arrived home from traveling this week to find a box from my publisher, Wiley on my desk (sweetly rescued from the snow by my neighbor) containing 10 copies of my new book, Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-Based Workshops.

My publisher had emailed me 3 days earlier with the following heartwarming message:

It’s here and it’s beautiful!!!!
Congratulations.  You should get your copy soon.

I am really happy, as my book is a unique application of Appreciative Inquiry to the world of learning and development.  Amid global challenges and complexities, the Appreciative Inquiry worldview asks, “What is it that we do already that is working for us, and how can we leverage our strengths going forward?”

The twenty-one workshops in this book are on topics of strategic importance, addressing the desire and need, in our interconnected world, for greater participation and active collaboration in meaning making and resource sharing.   This book is for change agents, leaders, trainers, facilitators, organization development professionals, and consultants.

All 21 workshops are ready for delivery; the topics are all highly relevant in today’s world, and with the Appreciative Inquiry design, they are equally applicable in global corporations, local communities, schools, colleges, universities, government agencies, non-profits, non-governmental agencies, special interest groups, communities of practice, and small business.

Workshop titles include classic topics, such as team building, leadership, and change, as well as on newer topics, such as cultural diversity, corporate social responsibility, intergenerational mix, and social media, to name a few.

This book takes Appreciative Inquiry principles and processes and applies them to real, everyday work and relationship issues in a workshop format that allows organizational members to resolve issues and create solutions from a strength-based perspective.

  • Hey Robyn,
    so inspired to see your creation, and to have
    heard your vision grow, chrystalise and realize over the last few
    It reminds me of the quote: "like a
    flame to be lit, not a vessel to be filled". So wonderful you can share your light with so many others through this book.
    Wishing you a fruitful journey as you take it forward from here.
    Love to you both, Matt

    • Matt, Thank you so much for your inspiring comment. You get it! It IS about growing, chrystalizing and realizing one's dreams – exactly as you do.

  • Tracy Mulvaney

    Hi Robyn, I learned about your book from Juergen's facebook page :). I have received my copy,and am really enjoying it. So far it looks like my request for the perfect tool has been granted! Thank you for this beautiful work! I hope to meet you soon 🙂 Tracy

    • Tracey, thank you so much for letting me know. I would like to learn what you are doing, since you say "your request for the perfect tool has been granted." That is very exciting for me to hear. We will meet soon.