Embracing Change iPad App

A personal development app, beautifully designed to enable you to tap into your personal power and energize you in ways that are fully aligned with your own authenticity and integrity.  “A brilliantly designed tool to help master the most important game of life anywhere – the game of our own life. A tool to support personal reflection, about past successes and future plans. A tool to help build our own story to create the changes we want in life. And, it is so intuitive and easy to use.”

Personal Development

Up until now, what has been available only in personal coaching, face-2-face interview situations, in small and large groups, and organizations all over the world, you can also learn and benefit from in your own time and space. You will experience an empowering practice that will enable you to create and take responsibility for the changes you want in your life following the principles of the world-renown change methodology, Appreciative Inquiry.

Guided Approach to Change

You are coached through 4 steps to:

  • Discover your existing strengths and talents
  • Dream what more is possible in your life
  • Design the pathway to realize your deepest desires
  • Sustain the energy and momentum to live the destiny of your choosing

To find our more about my app or designing Appreciative Inquiry workshops, please contact me.

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