Positivity in your life

Girl on a SwingIf you are looking for some helpful tips on how to bring more positivity in your life, take a listen to the podcast with Melissa Schnapp.   Entitled “6 habits to improve your life“, you'll find practical suggestions about what you can do right now.  The show notes capture the essence of Melissa's interview and her sound advice.

Melissa talks about filling the bucket with positivity so that the negativity gets flushed out.  Another analogy she uses is that even cloudy water in a glass, over time settles and the water become clear.  Amid the pace of our lives today, or the turmoil or upset, things do eventually settle. They may not settle as we expect, but they do.

This is where positivity comes in.  You can learn to be more positive.  When you actively cultivate positivity in your life, it builds your positivity muscle so you are more able to deal with negativity or adversities when they show up.  Overtime you build new emotional habits that strengthen your resiliency.

Check out Melissa's definition of positivity – it emphasizes positivity can be learned, it's a choice, it enables you to live authentically in the smallest ways and the biggest ways.