What You Study Grows – Appreciative Inquiry Principle

What you study grows

A key Appreciative Inquiry Principle is what you study grows…. or, what you focus on grows, or, said in other words: where you put your attention, action follows. That's not trivial.  It is written in ancient scriptures, “seek and you will find”, “ask and you will receive”.

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Playful Inquiry – TEDxNavesink Talk and Video

“What is the best thing that happened to you today?” opened up playful inquiry at TEDxNavesink recently. I had the great honor of giving a talk entitled:

“Playful Inquiry – Try this Anywhere.”

The idea worth spreading in my talk is to build connection and relationship with people in a positive way by paying attention to the very first question we ask. We know that the very first question determines what we find, and with this particular positive question we find what works, and what gives us joy. In my interactive talk, the audience paired up to ask the question and within a minute the theater was abuzz with people in conversation about the best thing that had happened to them so far that day. As a result of experiencing Appreciative Inquiry principles in this very short time frame, we were able to tap into 14 positive emotions.  Please watch the video to see what I mean.  I hope you will enjoy it. It was such a fabulous opportunity, and perhaps you also might like to respond below to:  “what's the best thing that's happened to you today,” and share it with others.


Growing into Better Relationships

Better Relationships from AuthenticityMany years ago in my first management role, in Sydney Australia, I was Account and PR Executive of a large international cosmetics corporation. It was the leading cosmetics organization in the US and in Australia.  I loved my job and took it, and, myself very seriously.  I worked hard and I felt I needed to prove myself.  I had joined the organization from outside the industry – never having worked in retail, sales or personal care industry.  That was rare in this industry.  Normal career path was you came up through the ranks or were poached from a competitor….so you get the scene.  I was from the outside and had to prove myself. 

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