TEDx Navesink Accelerators, Interviews with Speakers – PS032

Host, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel with co-host Jennifer Hom, interviews a number of speakers for the TEDx Navesink event in Monmouth County, NJ. The theme of this event is “Accelerators”.  Some of the talk titles Include: “Growing up in a Pornified Culture”; “Break Ups Don’t Have to Leave you Broken”; “Sanctioned Addiction”; “What is Rape’s Brand”; “The Power of Impatience”; “Race: Climate Change vs. Smart Money”; “Radio For an Empowered Generation”; “Shattering Records and Glass Ceilings”.  Listeners will get a sense of the scope and quality of these talks. 

Playful Inquiry – TEDxNavesink Talk and Video

“What is the best thing that happened to you today?” opened up playful inquiry at TEDxNavesink recently. I had the great honor of giving a talk entitled:

“Playful Inquiry – Try this Anywhere.”

The idea worth spreading in my talk is to build connection and relationship with people in a positive way by paying attention to the very first question we ask. We know that the very first question determines what we find, and with this particular positive question we find what works, and what gives us joy. In my interactive talk, the audience paired up to ask the question and within a minute the theater was abuzz with people in conversation about the best thing that had happened to them so far that day. As a result of experiencing Appreciative Inquiry principles in this very short time frame, we were able to tap into 14 positive emotions.  Please watch the video to see what I mean.  I hope you will enjoy it. It was such a fabulous opportunity, and perhaps you also might like to respond below to:  “what's the best thing that's happened to you today,” and share it with others.


TEDx Talk on Playful Inquiry – Releasing Oxytocin

tedx talk on playful inquiry

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Shannon Winning @winningmedianj recently about my TEDxNavesink talk coming up on May 10th at the Two River Theater Company in Red Bank, NJ.

The theme for this TEDx event is “Play”.  It was a no brainer for me that “play” is a key outcome of engaging with people and groups through the lens of Appreciative Inquiry. When we ask people to discover the best of themselves and a situation, in their minds they access a positive resourceful state and there's a rush of oxytocin – the “hormone of attachment” and bottom line – you feel better!  A reservoir of positivity is unleashed.

Shannon's interview was a great example of being in the present moment.  We played together; and she embraced the intent and the success of my work. I appreciated her translation quoted below.

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TEDxNavesink Talk Inspires Action

Just Show Up

Here's a story of inspiration AND action.  The inspiration came from Tereza Nemessanyi, who gave a TEDxNavesink 2013 talk, entitled,  “Reinvention of a Suburban Mom”.  Action followed when  Joan Ellis, who was sitting in the audience that day, took in every word and went home to act on one of her big dreams to start her own blog.  It was these three little words that stuck with Joan and moved her to action


Furthermore,  Tereza outlined six actions with the playful acronym BADASS:  Bold, Aim, Data, Authentic, Social, Show up.  Joan got it. There wasn't any point in just hanging out any more because here was the inspiration she had been waiting for.

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Stunning Examples of Appreciative Inquiry Principles

Examples of Appreciative Inquiry Principles

Aimee Mullens gives such a powerful and moving TED talk.

Her examples of Appreciative Inquiry Principles are evident in her story.  She opens with examples of the Constructionist Principle: how words create worlds and the role we all play in co-creating our realities and defining each other.

She advocates the need to honor the wholeness, possibility and potency of ourselves and each other.  She asks us to open ourselves up to and embrace our adversities, rather than sweep them under the carpet.

She reminds us from her own story that we live up OR down to others' image of us, and how positive imagery leads to positive outcomes.  She is such an example of nurturing the human spirit, keeping hope, seeing the beauty, valuing curiosity … and so much more.

I highly recommend this video.