Welcome to Positivity Strategist

Robyn Stratton-Berkessel says: Welcome to Positivity StrategistTo all my dear Positive Matrix followers  – the time has come to transition to the next incarnation.

After eight years of serving me, my clients and many, many interested on-lookers very well, it is time to update from my beloved POSITIVE MATRIX site to the courageously new POSITIVE STRATEGIST site.

I am very excited with this change. There have been a number of iterations of my branding over the last 15 years since I sold my business FUTURE FOCUSSED Pty Ltd  in Melbourne,  Australia and moved to the US.

Re-inventing oneself and one's offering in the world is essential in this complex, diverse and multifaceted world.  Over the years, I have grown, matured and become clearer about my own talents, strengths and what gives me the greatest joy and how I can best serve.  I'm excited to have arrived at celebrating who I am and what I do.  In two words, I proudly describe myself as a “Positivity Strategist.”

All that I have learnt, practiced and continue to learn comes together in those two words.  I help individuals, whatever their role or organization, find ways (strategize) to help them connect to their own best selves and achieve their aspirations.  The lens through which I do this is appreciative inquiry and positivity, which seeks to find what works rather than what's broken.  Science teaches us that doses of positive affect leads to positive action.

As a human and organization development specialist, I have been working to bring all voices into the room to that everyone feels empowered to create their own destiny.  Participatory practices and methodologies underpin all my work.  Thank you for undertaking this journey together.